Connecting the wii-mote to the PC

The wii-mote uses blue tooth communication. However most PC’s lack blue tooth connectivity surprisingly to first thing’s first, we need a bluetooth usb adapter for the pc. Trust manufacture a good one for around 20 euro. Next install the software and hope that the PC  “sees” the wi-mote! after this the full procedure can be […]

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The Makey Makey!!

Just recieved my 2 makeymakeys in the post today!!!, the possibilities are limitless!!! Here’s what we’ve got started on!! Watch this space! Ahuman Orchestra is an ultimate goal.

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Building Johnny lee’s IR pen

Essential ingredients IR Light Resister Battery pack On/off switch BECAUSE WE CAN’T SEE INFRA-RED light weneed an infra red camers to tell us it’s working. The wii’s Controller Sensitivity in the Wii setting menu is ideal for this. The IR light will show up as a third light if it’s working! When turned on!!

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