Mac Vs PC?

I recently bought an apple TV to add to my MAC Collection consisting of  a macbook, iPhone and iPad. The beauty of living in a mac bubble like this is that ‘everything just works’! If i’m watching TED or netflix or an iPlayer on my mobile device on the go, I can sit back on arriving home and watch is right from where I left off on my Apple TV in the comfort of my sitting room.

Now I could be accused of being a ‘mac drone’ whose completely taken in by their highly effective marketing and self appraisal but the thing is, I know exactly how they entice costumers like me into their clutches and I feel as a Creative multimedia aspiring practitioner, they have raised the bar. They’ve connected various devices that should all work together. And this helps designers to create stable applications. But in that process I feel they have had to maintain a tight control of things and creativity flows best without rules and the windows platform leaves that room to breath! You only have to look as all the instructable or diy type videos out there to realise that the majority of hacks are PC based!  Though I’ve tried connecting windows media center to xBox, laptop and windows os computers and there are constant problems, not to mention the yearly reformatting of drives due to viruses despite all precautions. Where Mac wins in reliability and designer friendly creativity, windows wins in fundamental possibilities for programmers/hackers who are the guys who push the boundries of possibilities!


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