Adding a charging capability to iPAD’S VGA adapter

A problem I have when presenting using the iPad is that if it’s dying and i’m presenting using my VGA adaptor. chances are my presentation will be cut short. Other options for me are to spend over 100 euro on an apple tv so i can transmit the presentation to it and from this to a HDMI enabled tv. The problem with this is that most projector’s are not HDMI capable so an adaptor would need to be bought to convert my HDMI lead to VGA. And this costs 70 euro. There is an official Ipad charger/ HDMI adaptor but this HDMI to VGA adaptor would still be needed. how hard would it be to add charging to the existing iPad to VGA adaptor well….Here’s how 🙂 So after my wii hack this is my next project! Seems straight forward enough!


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