Connecting the wii-mote to the PC

The wii-mote uses blue tooth communication. However most PC’s lack blue tooth connectivity surprisingly to first thing’s first, we need a bluetooth usb adapter for the pc. Trust manufacture a good one for around 20 euro.

Next install the software and hope that the PC  “sees” the wi-mote!

after this the full procedure can be found on Johnny lee’s website in his wii projects section but here’s my experience!

Ok we Press discover in the bluetooth pop up menu and also press the red button on the back of the wii-mote and low and behold it’s pretty straight forward!

NOW to install Version 3 of Johnny lee’s multi touch software and after a few seconds its downloaded!

After I ran the application I was prompted to calibrate the screen size I was working with so make sure the wii-mote is far enough away to take in the whole screen but close enough to see the infra-red light! so light brightness is a factor!

To calibrate we flash the IR pen in the four corners of the screen and after this the IR light acts like a left click in the mouse! Brilliant! easy! A truly affordable multi-touch interface!! video to follow!!


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