Programming Our Project, Tremble training

App opens to a welcome screen and transitions to a ‘log in’ screen for entering the user name and age with an enter button. The user is then presented with equipment options in the form of pictures and check boxes/ radio buttons. If the required equipment is not available the exercises requiring these are not shown in the app and instead replaced with everyday objects. For example if a step isn’t available then the user could use their stairs or if a rocker or wobble board was not available the user could use the ground or a towel to challenge balance. There is an enter button which when clicked puts these boolean values in a box in memory and we proceed to the next screen.

The next screen is a choice between assessment and training for Aerobic capacity (step test Рheart rate monitor), balance (ground, towel, step, rocker and/or wobble board РGiroscope) and flexibility (visual). I will focus on these 3 aspects individually in the next blogs


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