Air for Android Bluetooth ANE!

Air for Android Bluetooth ANE!

Hopefully, with some minor modifications I can use this bluetooth ANE, which was kindly build and released by Danel Kirch very recently to communicate with my  POLAR H7 0068E6.

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POLAR Heart rate monitor & unsupported android

Polar compared to Zephyr and binar are do not have open API’s for their Heart rate monitor for developers, This guy found a work around with an app built for another monitor and it still worked because the new Polar H7 sensor makes use of three different standardized services:
– Heart rate service
– Battery service
– Device information service

Now all I have to do is make my air for android app use them! 🙂

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Moral Panic

Some actions in Western countries following the September 11 attacks affecting Arabs, Muslims, or those mistaken for them have comprised a moral panic. One very unfortunate example of this was the shooting dead of Jean Charles De Menezes who was suspected of being a terrorist 2 weeks after the London bombings. He looked nothing like […]

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