Political Activism online

Political Activism online

The geopolitical world has got a lot to learn from the digital world, of the ease with which [it] swept away obstacles that no one knew could even be budged. — Bono (at 02:30)”

Bono, had organized many calls to action, organisations and places for people to voice their opinions. The most famous of these being live aid – and the single “Do they know it’s Christmas” by Band Aid in 1984. This effort raised global awareness of the plight of Africa and changed that continents destiny for the better. If current efforts are maintained Bono himself has said we as a planet can end starvation in Africa in the next 30 years. He as the quote above suggests attributes this to our digital age. Online activism although is not the first thing brought to mind by Bono and third world plight but that is where their success has grown from.

Groups like anonymous use the online space to threaten and attack countries, companies or individuals who find themselves at odds with their values. Anonymous is news, exciting, relevant, proximal because we live on the internet, but have Anonymous achieved anything like what Bono and his followers have in Africa? Well that’s not the point, is it? They are making the free use of the internet, to publish anything, with anonymity and without authority as Tim Barners lee envisaged. Wether for good or ill, if you have a cause the internet is an amazing tool to reach and involve the masses.

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Effects of pornography on western society

Effects of porn on western society

Cindy Gallop in 2009 Launched “make love not porn” an educational website aim at young men and women in an attempt to reeducate them on the norms of sex which are not taught in any formal way but through exploration and creativity. Yet porn threatens that. It provides a preconceived idea of what is expected and it might not portray what is mutually gratifying. As Cindy said in her ted interview, in 2009 “porn is typically made by men for men.”

The effect of this is the objectification of women in a cultural shift that brainwashes men into thinking that their role is to dominate a woman, and that is pleasing to them. Women are taught what are presented as social norms for example Brazilians, allowing them selves to be dominated and objectified. The word for this sense of pleasure at being dominated is not enjoyment from biological pleasure, but probably stockholm syndrome. Despite being regularly in the top 50 most visited site, porn is an unhealthy addiction if a normal social life suffers, as it will when expectation don’t meet reality.

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Polar H7 Vs Zephyr API & bluetooth’s health class

Polar H7 Vs Zephyr API & bluetooth’s health class

The H7 Polar  Heart rate monitor apparently “uses the bluetooth smart protocol. It’s an open standard, low energy technology, which all smart phones will eventually support. The new Polar H7 sensor makes use of three different standardized services:
– Heart rate service
– Battery service
– Device information service”

Yet the “Polar Bluetooth protocol itself is not an open SDK. It requires a licensing agreement”

Should have went to Zephyr! 🙂 They’ve published their entire API for developers. More to follow. At least I got some great info for the Polar Moderator….There are bluetooth standards which might mean if I aim to connect with Zephyr assuming they adhere to the standards then I might be able to connect to my Polar H7…..WORTH A SHOT!

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