My Role In the Viral Video

My role in the viral video was 2nd camera operator. I took supplemental footage like close ups of Aoife when sitting on the tree and the depth of field transition shots when she overlooks the crowd and when addressing the camera at the end of the video. I also shot a lot of the final footage that made its way into the final cut. I’d a lot of liberty in my choice of shot as Paddy who was acting director on the day focused mainly on David, who was lead cameraman. Patrick through no fault of his own was not at the rehearsal the day previous and as a result had to organise a lot of the shots on the day. The rehearsal was organised by the production and creative leads knowing he would be absent. I felt this wasted an hour but it was good to have the class all together for the most part outside of the Carroll’s for what seemed to be the first time all year. There was lots of shouting of orders and little organisation but that’s to be expected, none of us are professionals. Some people will need to learn how to talk to peers if they want to develop their teamwork & interpersonal skills.

The day of shooting we achieved our goal of capturing a video, having fun as a group and not killing each other. There was some childish digs and personal gripes boiling to the surface as we waited to shoot and I voiced my opinion on it early on but in hindsight more organisation as a whole would speed up the “on the day” preparations and minimise restlessness.

Throughout the post-production process I lent an ear to the editing as I was eager to see the outcome of my shots. I operated the camera fully manually on the day and the exposure was really tricky as it was very sunny with sporadic clouds changing lighting constantly. Great experience. My footage turned out great though one or two shots that made it into the final cut were over exposed in my opinion. I think there were focus and framing issues with a lot of the shots from David’s camera. This was understandable though, as the focus is difficult to judge without a monitor and without a run through the previous day David was taking these shots live, and anything can happen in a live situation. I was actually in some shots, which bugged be because I’d asked if I was in frame twice but again it’s down to preparation and resulting distraction from the task at hand. Chris and John did a great job on the edit considering the footage they received from us. Zarc’s footage was great also. Daryl also did a great Job in after effects with the outro. The online team were very active and creative.

It was an enjoyable process. In hindsight, this is about a mass group project and people taking on roles etc, Some guidance would be beneficial so that students doing the post production modules are more likely to be suited to post production roles, or those in radio are more suited to audio roles etc. so that the same people who go for the same role straight away don’t always get it. It was very much first come first served. Which is fair enough but if the majority of people have an issue from previous group work about a person in a role it should be discussed and not dismissed by a few. I suppose a process of election would have been another way to do it. Great experience.

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